PhD Studentships

Competition for 2019 positions is on!


Ph.D Student positions for 2019 intake


Several projects are available along the directions the group works on currently. The topics include, but are not limited to, the following: self-organization of molecular motors and cytoskeleton, biomechanics of acto-myosin contractility, formation of intracellular gradients due to kinase-phosphatase opposition, reaction-diffusion patterns and waves on the plasma membrane, symmetry breaking and maintenance of cellular polarity. Specifics of individual projects will be defined on the basis of applicant's interests and qualifications. Given the early application deadlines (early December), make an early contact to discuss your interests.

General Information


We are always interested in motivated young people seeking a PhD project in computational cell biology, biophysics or modeling. We are open not only to the graduates with quantitative backgrounds but also to biologists interested in learning new methods of systems and computational biology. Broad range of projects within the scope of group's interests is available, see Publications and Group PI pages for detailed information. Please contact Andrew directly if you have an inquiry.

Several sources of funding for the UK, EU and international students are available. Application deadlines for studentships starting in September next year are during December of this year, so inquire early!